Monday, April 27, 2009

Plug-In Mini is "Charging" Ahead

A recent CNN Money article announced that the plug-in Mini Cooper is prepared for limited release to select markets in NYC and LA. Mini is owned by BMW.

It does not surprise me in the least that the American car companies have not come close yet to release of something as groundbreaking as this. American car companies had their chance to make good with the US public but decided to push huge trucks/SUVs as the rest of the world prepared for the upcoming need to move away or at least reduce reliance upon fossil-based fuels. This shows limited future-vision on part of the executives of the American car companies, particularly GM. Still, people will try to blame it all on the unions. I agree that the unions were part of the problem, but if GM had been able to sell more cars they would not be complaining about their union scapegoat. Again, groups of people displacing the blame/responsibility that they should own up to onto other people; after all, why are executives paid so well? It is because, when the company is doing well, they claim it's because they had a clear and direct effect upon the profitability of the company, but when the company is doing poorly, it's not their fault. It's a clear sign of the pussification of America.

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