Friday, April 17, 2009

New Series: If I Were a Candidate

Foreward: In an attempt to equivocate for myself and my readers (if I have any), I am starting a new series of blogs called "If I Were a Candidate." In this series, I do not flirt with the idea of actually being a candidate for some political office, rather I am attempting to take my feelings and thoughts on issues and record them in an organized manner. In ways, I think it may be therapeutic, but I hope it can be enlightening in trying to describe my complex political and socioeconomic views; I am not easily characterized into one traditional political camp or the other despite neo-conservative attempts/desires to label me as a "librul." In short, many of my ideas take root in the liberal school of thought but I have a fiscally conservative streak about me. I am hardly one who believes strictly in throwing as much money as possible at a problem in the attempt to solve it. Though some may find it hard, I tend to hold to the philosophy of "what's good for me may not be good for everyone else." In that way, I have more traditional values and beliefs that I hold for myself, but I believe in the freedoms set out in our Constitution and that they were broad for a reason. Agree with me, disagree, I don't really mind either way.

Some Upcoming Topics (In no particular order)
Political Parties
+ Two Party System
+ Bipartisanship versus Partisan Bickering

Economic Issues
+ Taxes
+ Corporate Welfare/Bailouts
+ Capitalism, Socialism, Mixed Economies
+ Regulations

Social Issues
+ Religion's Role in Politics
+ Abortion / Sex Education / Birth Control
+ Education
+ Health Care
+ Social Security / Medicare
+ Welfare / Medicaid
+ Funding for the Sciences / Arts

Energy/Environmental Issues
+ Global Warming/Greenhouse Gases
+ Renewable Energy versus Readily Available Natural Resources
+ Regulations

Foreign Policy Issues
+ Global Terrorism
+ Talking to our "Enemies"
+ Militarism versus Diplomacy
+ Colonialism versus Protectionism

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