Thursday, March 12, 2009

Obama is a Socialist(?)

All I ever hear from the Conservatives/Republicans anymore is "blah blah blah, Socialist, blah blah blah." Let us make something perfectly clear, Obama is hardly a socialist. He obviously believes in free-market principles but believes a mixed economy is key. This is not a push towards Lenin/Marxist-type principles. It is acknowledging that when the economy is left completely unchecked, it implodes/explodes beyond sustainable levels. While in my heart, I would love to see some of these banks and auto manufacturers fail, in my mind I know that something as catostrophic as that is not in the best interest of ANY American. If you believe Obama is a socialist, you have NOT read The Audacity of Hope, or heard him speak for that matter. By his own words, he values hard work and rewarding those who do work. Last I checked welfare is hardly a livable paycheck. Besides, if wanting higher wages for workers so they can maintain a comfortable lifestyle is socialist, then color me socialist. Please, turn Rush off, use your brains, and think about what is best for EVERYONE and not just yourself.

A CNN commentary article recently called out Republicans on their "small government" rhetoric versus their record.

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