Monday, November 14, 2011

Wah! Where's my Christ in Christmas?!

For those that get whiney about there not being enough Christ in Christmas, perhaps you ought to look in the mirror at your own consumerism before you blame "the heathens" for secularizing the holiday. There is as much Christ in Christmas as YOU put into it. Blame Wal-Mart before you blame the "lib'ruls". Blame the marketing department of your favorite retail store. Capitalism, in all it's market-driven glory, is simply doing it's job by trying to expand the market for a consumerist holiday. I couldn't care less if some store-clerk I don't know doesn't wish me "Merry Christmas" and instead wishes me "Happy Holidays".

Grow a pair and understand we live in a diverse country whether you like it or not. It's simply smart business to not alienate your consumers. It might be fine and dandy in a rural community of all white God-fearing Christians to wish someone "Merry Christmas" at the local Five and Dime, but to do so in a large metropolitan area (in the kind of litigious society in which we live), is just idiotic. I will celebrate Christmas no differently with my family whether or not all of the other houses around them are celebrating Christmas or not.

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