Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Playing Catch-Up

So, I started the blog back in July as the campaign was starting to heat up between Obama and McCain, but had not nearly gotten close to reaching it's peak. A lot has happened and I had intended to write about a lot of it, so I am using this time to play catch-up. Here goes...

August - September

- Obama officially wins the Democratic Nomination and the campaign between Obama and McCain really starts - I was excited and liked McCain as the GOP nominee (keeping in mind the rest of the flock to choose from)... until he started to tow the party line. He was like Bush-Light... not Busch Light, the tasty, cheap Anheuser-Busch brand Bud Light alternative in which McCain's trophy-wife has vested ownership, but President Bush light... Needless to say, I was disappointed in McCain.

- Sarah Palin is selected as the GOP VP nominee - Here's what went through my mind: "Who is this wacky bitch? Damn she's stupid... kinda hot though... but definitely stupid. Oh, she's against teaching children anything but abstinence in school, what a surprise... wait her daughter's pregnant?! Bwahahaha." In retrospect, what a DUMB move for Republicans.

October - December

- Joe the Plumber - Douchebag extraordinaire... possibly a GOP plant? What was the count of the number of times McCain used his name in the debate? "Joe the Plumber... my good friend Joe... Joe..." Joe the frickin' plumber.

- Despite everything thrown at him, Obama wins handily on Nov. 4th - Freakin' sweet! That said, I was happy that the Democrats did not win the filibuster-proof Congress; the last thing we needed were the Pelosi and Reid combo of spending without a little bit of check and balance from the opposing party.

- The Auto Bailout - Let the Big Three fail if that is what is going to happen eventually. Renegotiate the labor contracts, put limits on executive pay and start making better cars! People on the left wanted to blame the executives and people on the right wanted to blame the labor unions. I think both are to blame and in this case both groups are filled with people who feel they are owed more than they deserve. Stagnant development and uninteresting designs, along with little regard for impending energy issues have contributed to the failing of these companies. Along with that, the labor contracts put the companies in a poor position to compete with their foreign-designed, but domestically produced competitors. Of the three, I think Ford can fare the best and would like to see them make it out of this, but Chrysler and GM can eat a fat one.

- Christmas Season '08 - Despite the fact that commercials start running right after Halloween these days, the season was even more ridiculously commercialized than usual and thus overly annoying as a result of the bad economy... and, this gets to me everytime, who in the hell buys a Lexus for their significant other during that time? Rich, white Republicans, that's who... at least Lexus knows their target audience (just watch the commercials). You want to know what is ruining the Christmas message? It is not the over-PC-ification of Christmas; I will say "Happy Holiday" or "Merry Christmas" to most of the cashiers/workers during the season and they seem to appreciate it more often than not. It's the blatent free market capitalism mentality of "consume, consume, consume" that has muddied the waters of what the season represents: Family coming together and if you celebrate it, the birth of good ol' JC.


- Massive gun-sales leading up to Jan. 20th - Who in the hell needs an automatic rifle? They are cool, I will admit. I think guns are cool, yes... but don't hit me with the bullshit that you need an AK-47 for hunting. What are you hunting?! Elephants?! Just say what it is... it's an overcompensation for something you lack. Either you are making up for your Larry Craig-ness or your John Bobbit-ness... by the way, that's what your ridiculously oversized pick-up truck is saying about you too; if you have a dualie I better see you hauling something or permanent mud all over your truck.

- Obama is sworn in as the 44th President of the United States of America - This was an admittedly moving moment and despite what some pundits said I thought he killed the speech; he said what he needed to and did a good job of capturing his moderate message. I think he is going to be a great President; this is pretty clear by the fact that he is butting heads with both the established Republicans and Democrats. I will say that I was really surprised some hillbilly hick, Jimmy Bob Lee, did not show up and try something though. Obama clearly has more faith in his people than I do... dude got out of the car and walked a mile along the Presidential parade route. Either that, or he's got bigger balls than anyone. Gangster.

- Goodbye Bush! - Sha nah nah naaah, sha nah nah naaah, hey, hey, f***ck you! Just watching from the sideline while the Republicans continue to dig their political grave.


- Michael Phelps smokes marijuana/pot/ganja/wacky-tobbacy - Who gives a shit?! Dude won more gold medals than Flava Flav has clock-chains and viking hats. Let the guy act his age... and according to what I have read it is pretty hard for about half of America to judge anyways. The other half would probably do well to smoke some and chill out. And who is this guy/girl who decided it was their moral (or monetary) obligation to take a picture of him smoking? Michael, you would do well to pick your parties better.

- Octomom - Let me get this straight. She already had 6 kids and she wanted more? And, she doesn't work? 8 more kids?! This chick is clearly out of her mind! That is really all that needs to be said.

- The Bailout (a.k.a. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) - I have got mixed feelings about this piece of "stimulative" legislation. I can see both sides of the coin and think that fiscal restraint is important, but doing nothing is quite possibly the worst thing we could do. Leave pet projects for appropriations bills, Democrats! Stop being whining losers, Republicans. What a time for Republicans to start talking about fiscal responsibility after YEARS of spending billions in Iraq, on the Department of Homeland Security, in granting tax cuts to the folks who didn't need them, etc. Apparently, 3 Republicans are willing to work together with the Democrats and the rest just kow-tow to Rush Limbaugh, the almighty.

That about sums it up, and now I am caught up to date and can start talking current events. If there are any other important things I missed, feel free to add them to the comment section.

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